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Music Wedding Lodi

with Amélie & Alex

Singer, Musician, Dj and Wedding entertainment Lodi

Music Wedding Lodi

Wedding Music Lodior the best music and entertainment services for your wedding at Lodi and surroundings.

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Amélie & Alex

Wedding Music Lodi is a service proposed by Amélie & Alex, she is a singer and entertainer, he is a pianist and a dj.

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Live music and musician for weddings in Lodi

Looking for a wedding musician? A musical duo? Amélie & Alex are operating in Lodi and its district, with excellent live music for weddings, private parties and ceremonies, offering excellent value for money for various services including: piano-bar, dance parties with DJ or duo or trio or quartet, karaoke, a fun but sober animation and many new ideas to customize the service according to your needs.

Live music and entertainment services for weddings can last between 2 and 12 hours, depending on request, and can be planned together with the bride and groom for a precise, timely, efficient and exciting outcome.

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Musical group or band, musicians for weddings in Lodi

You want a whole group of musicians for your wedding at Lodi? Alex & Amélie are the basic nucleus of the band, which can be enriched with other musicians including a flutist-saxophonist, a percussionist, a bassist, a drummer, to give life to bands in trio, quartet and quintet. The repertoire of the band is suitable for dancing and listening and the animation is assured.

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DJ set in Lodi

Alex is also an expert dj and proposes a repertoire of modern dance and latin songs, as well as a wide range of 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's revival songs, which he will perform with his dj console. In addition, it is also possible to agree on a set list tailored to be included in the musical program of the DJ set.

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Animation and karaoke in Lodi

The animation is always cheerful without being intrusive, experience and discretion indicate the right time to encourage the involvement of guests, even taking advantage of special moments: the launch of the bouquet and the first dance of the bride and groom at the opening of the dances. On request, it is possible to organize games and other entertainment, including karaoke.

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Music for ceremonies in Lodi

The music for the ceremony is performed live, in the church or at the town hall, with the persuasive voice of Amélie and the precise notes of Alex on the organ; it includes various pieces from the classic wedding repertoire, with the additional possibility of having you choose your favourite music.

On request, the duo can be joined by violin, flute, harp, to give an extra touch of class to your wedding ceremony.

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Musical aperitif in Lodi

For an elegant and suggestive event, we propose a musical aperitif with pianist and live singer.

"Cocktail music", performed live before the wedding lunch or dinner, will greet your guests while the bride and groom take some photos.

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Reception music in Lodi

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Even for the reception, the basic line-up is our tried and tested Duo Musicale with piano and keyboards and female vocals, supported by ad hoc backing tracks to reinforce the sound functionally to the moments of dance.

The live duo can be supplemented by the presence of other agreed musicians, to form a trio, a quartet, a quintet.

The DJ set option with vocalist can replace or supplement the band.

The music program for the reception boasts a wide repertoire for listening and all kinds of music for dancing, from the most modern to the old style and popular.

If appreciated, the animation of the most significant phases of the event is included, never intrusive and always conducted in a cheerful but discreet manner.

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The savings package


The most interesting formula is the "savings package" which includes:

  1. music for the ceremony - in the church or at the town hall
  2. music cocktails at aperitifs
  3. background music for the first part of lunch or dinner
  4. the most beautiful songs to listen to
  5. the most engaging songs to mark the key moments such as the launch of the bouquet and the first dance of the bride and groom
  6. the dance party with both revival and modern songs
  7. karaoke
  8. a romantic piano bar as a sweet end to the evening.

Choose without delay Music Wedding Lodi for your wedding.

It's a tried and true formula.

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