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Singer, Musician, Dj and Animation for Weddings in Turin, Piedmont, Northern Italy and Switzerland

About us

Amélie & Alex

There are only 2 of us, but we will work in 4 to offer you: a singer, a pianist-organist, a dj and an entertainer.

All this for the Ceremony, the Aperitif and the Reception.

On request we can extend the formation of Wedding Music in Trio or Quartet with Sax-Flute, Percussion, Violin.

What we do

Musica Matrimonio is entertainment and live music for weddings, ceremonies and parties, with great value for money:

Wedding singers, piano bar music with vocals and piano, dancing with dj, church music, karaoke, specific animation for a perfect wedding entertainment.


Amelie Hotels


Singer and Animator

Those who have heard it have reported a voice that captivates.

The performances of this interpreter with great refinement and mature artistic depth will seduce you too......

The notes of his wide repertoire, always distinguished by elegance and originality, will lead you between the timeless classics, soul music swing and pop dance, Latin rhythms and the distant echoes of world music and new age.

Very suitable for brilliant musical evenings at renowned hotels in the city, for theatrical shows, parties and parties, thanks to his innate talents as an entertainer and conductor, enriched by a great experience in the fields of entertainment and theme nights.

Alex Hotels


Pianist and Dj

As a pianist and singer he has worked in the best hotels in Europe, including the Hotel Cala di Volpe and Forte Hotel Village in Sardinia, Norok Club (Monte Carlo), Maxim (Geneva) and the Costa Crociere Company in Genoa.composer, arranger and producer of music for: Italian television (RAI), shows (musical variety), discography for various artists.

Virtuoso piano performances, they are suitable for listening and ambient music.

His well-defined and dynamically nuanced piano touch and his large and varied international repertoire make him a performer of rare class.

To complement his piano playing Alex also has considerable expertise as a DJ, with a wide and very versatile modern and revival repertoire, proposed with mixes that are always clean and to the point. Alex has also a great availability in case of requests and customized set lists.


Listen to

some musical fragments from our repertoire


Musical aperitifs

Modern Dance

Traditional Dances

What genres do we perform?

We do just about everything and thus meet every need and taste!

For the church ceremony

Music sung and played live: wedding marches on the organ, the most evocative songs from the classic and modern wedding repertoire, special songs requested by the bride and groom.

For the Ceremony in the Town Hall

Music sung and played live: wedding marches, musical breaks in the moments "highlights", chillout music on the piano.

For Musical Aperitifs

Music sung and played live: chillout, cocktail music on the piano and some soft, classy songs.

For the Reception Party

Music sung and played live and/or with Dj Set

During dinner: background music

At the cutting of the cake and the first dance: romantic songs chosen by the bride and groom

In case of games, bouquet toss and more: contextually appropriate music and event animation

During the dance party, according to tastes and requests: disco dance, latin rhythms, smooth, swing, traditional dances and much more

At the end of the night: soft romantic piano bar

On request: Karaoke


Musical Instruments

Roland A-33 Digital Piano with Roland Sound Canvas Sound Module

Tambourine and Shaker

Audio System

n. 2 LD System diffusion systems of 450 w each

Behringer digital mixer with tablet controller

Shure SM58 Microphones

Lighting System

Stage lighting

Psychedelic lighting systems


Music Computer for bases management

DJ Console



Microphone Stands


Text tablets


Karaoke Equipment

UHF hand-set and head-set wireless microphones

Additional audio systems, various sizes

Megaphone (for vintage audio effects)


Video projector with screen m. 2,80 x 2,10

Other equipment as required





Weddings and Music with evocative live music for the ceremony in the church or at the town hall, with the most evocative traditional songs and the possibility to choose your favourite titles, to excite you and excite everyone. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone


Animation Weddings with music and entertainment at the reception, in duo, trio, quartet, quintet and / or dj set with vocalist; lots of music to dance the genres preferred by your guests and the animation of the most significant moments of the event. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone


You can add the exclusive musical aperitif with pianist and live singer to your reception; it is a way to welcome your guests while the bride and groom are busy with the photographer, and also to transform a cocktail party into an elegant and suggestive event. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone


For an unforgettable wedding entertainment, you can evaluate our complete service, taking advantage of our "Special Offer". You will discover that the price is very convenient and in addition musical aperitif and other services are complimentary. The complete package includes: music for the ceremony in the church or at the town hall, music cocktails at the aperitifs, background music for the first part of the lunch or dinner. And also the most beautiful songs to listen to, the most engaging songs to mark the key moments such as the launch of the bouquet and the first dance of the couple. And yet the dance party with both revival and modern songs performed live and / or part with the DJ set, karaoke (if desired). And at the end a romantic piano bar in sweet conclusion of the evening. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone

Wedding Music - Church Music


To thrill and excite, music plays its part with discreet mastery, bringing solemnity and warmth to the highlight of your wedding. The touch of the organ in the wedding marches and the voice in the Ave Maria and at the Offertory reinforce the magic of the rite. And if you're getting married at City Hall, it's possible to customize the service while still giving the music its own space.

Wedding Music - Musical Aperitif


It is always more pleasant to precede the wedding lunch or dinner with a musical aperitif, perhaps to be held on the lawn of the restaurant. I suggest a pianist and a singer of class and maybe in addition a string quartet or a jazz trio. "Refinement to be remembered".

Wedding Music - Reception


The music is discreet during lunch or dinner, and then animates and involves dancing. Modern Dance, Latin Music and Group Dances, but also Ballroom and Romantic Slow.

Wedding Music - Special Music Services


To give a touch of originality to your Reception, in addition to the Basic Service with Singer-Animator + Pianist-DJ, I propose one of the following options: Male Voice, String Quartet, Organ or Launeddas Player, Polyphonic or Tenor Choir, Performances and Fame Artists, Street Performers, Musical Band, Jazz Band.

Wedding Music - Animation Services


If you like, you can add some entertainment ideas with games and Karaoke to involve your guests. For children I propose a specialized entertainer and, if the location has a suitable outdoor space, an inflatable playground to let them run wild in complete safety.

Wedding Music - Extras and Various Ideas


Fireworks, games, shows and much more to give a special touch to your wedding.

Service details

There are many music and entertainment services we offer for your wedding in music, such as to cover all basic needs and, when appreciated, also provide some extra ideas.

Here is a possible indication for a real wedding in music:

    • It is possible to agree with the groom a surprise serenade, to be performed under the window of his beloved the night before the event or in the morning when he wakes up, maybe with an acoustic trio or a polyphonic choir.
    • Music in church to celebrate the most solemn moments with suggestive musical emotions, with the wedding marches by Wagner and Mendelhsson, the Adagio by Albinoni, the Panis Angelicus and the Ave Maria. If the ceremony takes place at the Town Hall, the music is no longer taken from the traditional sacred repertoire, but is still sober and elegant, with rhythm; here too the wedding marches crown the entrances and conclusions of the civil ceremony.
    • The reception is generally divided into several parts: the arrival of the bride and groom with the wedding march followed by a "musical aperitif" with chillout music and other music that draws mainly from the melodic swing, waltzes and orchestral bossa-nova South American. During lunch (or the wedding dinner) we generally recommend interrupting the live music by preferring a compilation of background music (prepared by us) that creates the right environment for the inevitable chatter and spontaneous joy of the guests. The live music resumes with the cutting of the cake, in which we perform the song chosen by the bride and groom and mostly significant, or at least a beautiful romantic song. The cutting of the cake kicks off the dancing, starting from the classics particularly liked by older people, to flow to the dance music of revival and current events generally liked by younger people, not to mention the Latin American rhythms and group dances that involve a bit 'all.
    • At the first signs of tiredness, if the public wishes we can propose a moment of karaoke to involve sympathetically those present. This is also the time to propose, if you have chosen and if it is within your budget, also the show (local or national attractions, fireworks, musical-comedy variety show).
    • At the end of the evening, finally, some romantic songs to sweeten the moment of farewell.

With this program we don't miss a beat and your wedding will be a real wedding in music. Rely on our experience and let us advise you to get the best results in terms of involvement, emotion, fun and surprise.


Music for Church Weddings, but also for Civil and Symbolic Ceremonies, always with elegance, solemnity and suggestion.


Our musical duo piano and voice has a wide repertoire of all genres and will guarantee quality performances, combining fun with elegance. And if you like we also have the possibility of the trio with the addition of sax and flute, the quartet with sax / flute and percussion, the quintet with an entire band. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone



To highlight all the key moments of the wedding: the bride and groom's first dance, the bouquet throwing and other moments of fun and discreet animation. For guests who like to try their hand at the microphone we can reserve a moment at karaoke. Contact us to learn more or Call us on the phone


Animation Weddings is a complete service and "turnkey" that can be divided into various moments, including music during the ceremony, the musical aperitif and the party at the restaurant.

The latter comprises the beating heart of the wedding entertainment service.

The background music, live music for dancing and singing together and finally the animation to light up the most significant moments of your party, to emphasize the unique and memorable event of your wedding.

What are you looking for?

If you're looking: wedding singer, wedding bands, pianobar singer, party entertainers, music for newlyweds, wedding bands, music for events, wedding bands, singers for parties and more.

Call us: you have found the right answer to your search, with a professional service at the right price-quality ratio.

Here you will find: what you need: music bands for weddings, pianobar singers and events, entertainers for parties, music for newlyweds, bands for weddings, music for events, bands for weddings and any other type of service for your wedding, and not only.


This section contains information for SIAE permits and our advice on the subject.

Obviously, We are at your disposal for any clarification at the following telephone number:

Tel: +39 347 2374900

What is the SIAE permit

The SIAE permit is the authorization for the musical performance or the mechanical reproduction of musical and theatrical works protected by copyright, aimed at the payment of the economic rights for the authors and eventual publishers of the works themselves, as well as for VAT and stamp duty that the SIAE itself will pay to the Italian State.

Who must request the SIAE permit?

It must be requested by the organizer of the event which, in the case of a wedding reception, coincides with the bride and groom themselves or whoever on their behalf.
Failing this, the manager of the location where the wedding will be held will be jointly and severally liable.

Cases of exemption

Only in the case of events with music or theatre held in private locations within the family circle.

How much is it?

Download rates

How to apply for the S.I.A.E. permit.

To request permission, simply go to the appropriate section of the SIAE website and fill out an online form with the data of the event.

Here are the links:

SIAE website

Private parties permits

Online permit regulations

Rates for private parties

Related rights for mechanical reproduction

Rights must be paid to SIAE in advance according to the following parameters:

  1. Type of event
  2. Number of guests expected
  3. Music playback mode

The system itself will calculate the exact amount and help you select the payment method.

It will also give you access to two documents:

  1. Shows Permit
  2. Musical Programme, in which the authors and titles of the works performed must be indicated (to be filled in by the director of the performances, i.e. the musicians or yourself)

The completed forms must be printed by you and brought with you to the venue on the day of the event.


Obviously, we are at your complete disposal for any clarification at the following telephone number:

Tel: +39 347 2374900


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