Ada Congiu and Giovanni Paniello

Ada Congiu | Wedding Music

Thanks to Amélie and Alex, our wedding turned out cheerful and elegant.

We opted for the savings package including music in the church, at the aperitif and in the restaurant, and on each occasion they were very good and cooperative.

Amelie's voice moved us at the ceremony... fantastic!

After an excellent and refined cocktail-music performed by Alex live on the piano, a good time was had by all at the reception: they even involved the children and the elderly but above all our friends with dances of all genres, we had our own song at the cake-cutting ceremony) and at the end of the evening a bit of karaoke allowed us to have a few laughs.

For a small fee decided at the time, the entertainment continued for over 1 hour beyond the agreed time, until 3am.

Our judgement?

We are delighted!!!

Ada Congiu - Wedding Music with Amélie & Alex